About Yachting Bliss

Who We Are

Yachting Bliss has been South Florida’s premier marine services group since 1986. Yachting Bliss President, Chris Mauer has over 25 years of maritime experience.

As a boat owner, Chris understands what a tremendous asset, and potential liability, a boat can be. Most importantly, Chris and his staff understand why you own a boat. Any service work performed is only as good as the people performing the work. All maintenance work is done by insured, highly-experienced full time Yachting Bliss employees dedicated to exceeding your expectations

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Why Yachting Bliss?

Life-long Florida residents Chris and Sheryl Mauer started Yachting Bliss 1986. Over these many years they have worked hard to develope the reputation for quality work and integrity that they now enjoy. Ask any of the hundred's of boat owners who have entrusted the care of their vessel to Yachting Bliss and you are sure to hear why they do.


experience leads to efficiency

It's difficult to imagine a problem with your boat that Chris or his staff have not seen before. While some issues are obvious, many are not and experience leads to efficiency when it comes to diagnosing the root cause of a problem you may be experiencing ith your boat. This saves time and money while getting you back on the water as soon as possible. Whether it's engine, running gear, electronics, fiberglass or plumbing Yachting Bliss has seen it before.


All Yachting Bliss staff are insured and covered by workman's compensation. We can work in any yard without issue. We show up on time, every time and typically can produce estimates, even for complex jobs, within 12 hours. Work performed on your boat will be done by specialists. Wood work by wood workers, new electronics by professional installers, engine work by factory certified mechanics. We take great pride in our work.


We stand by the work we do and you can be sure that we will be here tomorrow. With nearly thirty years of history you can be assured that we will resolve any issues professionally.